Global Implementation of the solution within a Major Bank

SaaS Solution for managing technology incident

Our client is a startup developing a SaaS solution that enables large companies to manage technological incidents, involving the entire decision-making chain in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

After a successful initial test phase, a major bank decided to deploy the solution worldwide.

Our Solution

As is often the case when a startup and a big company do business together, our client was provided with the big company’s model contract and its annexes (of over a hundred pages!).

First of all, we analysed the entire standard contract to draw out the elements that were not appropriate to our client’s business and to flag the blind spots, in particular in relation to liability.

Then we led the negotiations with the bank, taking into consideration its requirements as a large company (internal organisation, risk aversion,…) while always prioritising our client’s own interests, especially its need to situate its organisation within a more flexible framework.  


Thanks to our assistance, our client was able to play a role in setting up the legal framework of its contract with the bank and negotiate to adapt the contract to better suit its organisation.