Structuring an Intrapreneurship Program

A leading in passenger transportation company

Our client is one of the leaders in the field of passenger transportation. It needs to find new growth drivers.

The client was conscious that there were many creative but untapped talents within its teams, and so the client sought to set up an intrapreneurship program, with help from one of the French leaders in innovative project acceleration.

Our Solution

The intrapreneurship program takes place in two phases:

  • Once the most innovative projects have been selected, the project leaders are immersed within a leading French incubator where they benefit from a continuous mentoring;
  • At the end of this first phase and after a study of the MVPs, the value-creating projects are re-integrated back with our client.

Our input was to set the legal framework up, by drafting two different charters (one for each step), which went through the rights and duties of each of the parties. The issues of employment contracts and intellectual property received special attention.


Our client and its employees were able to explore new territories within a predefined legal framework, which offered the necessary security to permit the development of innovative projects which by their nature pose unpredictable challenges.